Strive Academy

"Strive Academy represents the new model of education; kids work on their own curriculum at their own pace under the watchful eye of a master motivator who keeps them on-task, as well as providing other extracurricular activities like dance, piano and taekwondo."

- Strive Academy Parent

Strive to Achieve!

At Strive Academy we utilize proven and highly-regarded online schools. During our Information Session, we will help parents select the right online school that best suits their child's learning style.

Unlike a traditional classroom, Strive Academy employs an individualized program for each child that is engaging, challenging, flexible and accommodates diverse learning styles. At Strive Academy our well-appointed facility is designed to maximize productivity and make a child's learning experience enjoyable.

Our Learning Coaches are masters at keeping students focused, motivated and inspired to be their best while providing weekly feedback to parents regarding their child's academic performance.

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